Simulated Game Days

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All the fun and excitement of a days game shooting but a fraction of the cost

We specialise in running simulated game days which replicate all the fun and excitement of a day’s game shooting but at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. They can run throughout the year, enabling shooters to have some fantastic summer sport and keeping their eye in during the shooting season.

The format of the day consists of meeting for breakfast buns with tea and coffee, or a champagne reception in a marquee within the grounds of the shoot. Once registrations are complete it’s off to the shooting ground.

The shooting consists of teams of 4 guns, shooting together, at random targets thrown from a variety of clay pigeon traps electronically linked together putting a 100 targets in the air in a given drive. There are 6 drives on the day, pheasant, rabbit, partridge, dropping pigeon, woodcock and the rough shoot, so effectively it is a 600 bird day.

Once the shooting is concluded, the shooters return to the marquee for lunch, whilst we collate the scores to find the overall winning team of the day plus individual drive winners. No team wins more than one prize.

Our events are individually tailored to the specific requirements of our guests. This can include a wide variety of entertainment, such as a comedian or band.

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